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October 6, 2021 The Oliver Family | A Day in the Life | Baltimore Documentary Family Photography

I just love this family. They are largely the reason I do this type of photography (which I wrote about in my post 2.5 years ago featuring them!) and it's the biggest honor in the world to be able to capture their story. Since the last time I photographed the Oliver family, they have added a new little girl to the mix, Willow! Rosie is as brilliant and exuberant as ever, and shy little Junie has grown into such an...

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July 30, 2019 The “M” Family | A Night in the Life | Baltimore Family Documentary Photography

I've fallen a bit behind on blogging over here, and not for a lack of family work but rather we've just been super busy with weddings! Check out the blog over on our wedding website to see what we've been up to :) Now that things are starting to wind down from the first half of our wedding season and we're finally starting to feel caught up, I'm excited to share more of the family work that I've been up...

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