A Day in the Life of the “P” Family | Documentary Family Photography | Reading, PA

August 16, 2020 A Day in the Life of the “P” Family | Documentary Family Photography | Reading, PA

Last week I spent the day with the P family to capture a day in their lives in this unique, weird time. Life has had to change quite a bit during the pandemic for all families, and it was especially interesting to capture what a day in the life of a 7 and 9 year old looks like when everything needs to happen in and around their home. Thanks, ‘Rona.

Spending the day with Eleanor, Elliott and Jonathan was a blast. These kids are so funny, smart, delightfully silly and weird – KNOW IT – and own it. Seeing how free they feel to be themselves made my heart so happy. It was beautiful to capture and witness all of the weird and wonderful that makes them, them.

What I love most about Day in the Life sessions is to capture the love in your life. To show you how you love and how you are loved. There are tons of sweet gestures throughout the day that captures the love between these three. But for me, I think the most beautiful evidence of how loved they are by their dad, is how safe Eleanor and Elliott feel to be themselves. That’s a beautiful gift. And it’s priceless.

A Day in the Life of the “P” Family

  • Joanne
    Posted at 20:57h, 17 August Reply

    What a beautiful family! Love the candle light dinner 😉 Love all the tender moments throughout the day. You can see the connection and the love they have with/for each other. My favorites are the Holi Powder images… because dad got in on the fun and got messy too! What a gift for all of them to look back on!

    PS … I love that the bedtime reading material is similar to, if not exactly, what we were reading to our young one 30 years ago.

  • Nancy Curry
    Posted at 23:42h, 17 August Reply

    You captured the essence of who they are as a family in those ordinary moments that individually don’t sparkle as brightly as the big moments, yet when you add them up, they are far more important. Thanks for the glimpse.

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